WHB Anti-Spam Policy

websitehostingbox.com (WHB Services)

Updated: 25/03/2015

WebsiteHostingBox (WHB Services) promotes and supports responsible communications practices. This applies to all services provided by WebsiteHostingBox (WHB Services).

In order to combat the growing threat of “spam”, WebsiteHostingBox (WHB Services) prohibits the use of any of its tools or services to communicate or distribute spam. Spam is strictly against our Terms of Service, and will result in the immediate disablement without refund of any customers and their services who are found to have communicated or distributed spam in conjunction with any WebsiteHostingBox (WHB Services) tool or service.

The following policy dictates in specific terms what is considered acceptable use of the WebsiteHostingBox (WHB Services) tools or services for messaging purposes:

Email Policy
Commercial electronic-mail recipients must specifically opt-into receiving the messages sent through WebsiteHostingBox (WHB Services) servers and services. All message related activity must comply in all respects with applicable law including but not limited to the CAN-SPAM Act. Users of the WebsiteHostingBox (WHB Services) tools or services must be able to present proof of compliance at WebsiteHostingBox (WHB Services)’s request.

Third-party email lists cannot be used in conjunction with the WebsiteHostingBox (WHB Services) tools or service unless the email sender has obtained a list from an organization that sells or otherwise shares email distribution lists, and all of the following conditions are met: The email list organization maintains a publicly viewable privacy policy disclosing that such sales of email lists may occur. The privacy policy is available through a direct link from the page the subscriber signed up from.

Accurate records are kept of the date, time, IP address, and form location where the subscribing user signed up. Users cannot populate lists with addresses obtained for a substantially different purpose than was originally disclosed to the user.

Mailing Practices
Users must not set the headers of any message in a way that obfuscates the origin of the message.

Undeliverable addresses must be removed from all future mailings after no more than 5 bounces.

All mailings must provide clear and simple to follow instructions for opting-out of future mailings, and all reasonable attempts must be made to facilitate the removal of a mailing list subscriber at their request.

Users of the WebsiteHostingBox (WHB Services) tools or services are solely responsible for ensuring their use complies with applicable state law(s).

It is strictly prohibited to use software designed to facilitate the practice of spamming in conjunction with the WebsiteHostingBox (WHB Services) tools or services.

WebsiteHostingBox (WHB Services) reserves the right to terminate any account at any time if there is a reasonable suspicion that it is being used in conjunction with the practice of spamming.

Customers must substantially address all spam related inquiries by WebsiteHostingBox (WHB Services) within 72 hours. Failure to respond within a reasonable period of time may result in the disablement of the user’s account and services without refund.